24 July 2010

peaches & cream.

20 July 2010

pools of sorrow, waves of joy.

while i was cleaning out my room today, i was reading through old notebooks.
i found this written in one:

"looks like you've been out fighting for the cause, man."

"i don't have one. that's the problem."

-across the universe


this is true love. note the daisy border.

15 July 2010

paper butterflies.

hello there.

i've been trying to write a blog post for a while now, but i've had some serious writer's block. now, while i knew what the block was, what i couldn't quite figure out was how to get past it...until last night, that is. a while ago, i recognized that the things i'm too afraid to talk about have the power to misplace the things i'm ready to talk about. have you ever noticed that when there's something you're trying to hide, it's usually the most prominent thing in your mind? maybe it's just me, but i think that's a pretty common symptom. i've learned that a mind is not a very good  [cache] (word of the day). however, what a mind lacks in concealing, it makes up for in revealing (sorry for the rhyme?). one thing that i conveniently neglect sometimes is the fact that my mind belongs to no one but me. no one can take it, even if i want to give it away. and why is this convenient? because if i neglect the fact that i'm the only one in control of my mind, everything doesn't have to be my fault. but the fact is that my mind knows what's up. it's amazing how our bodies can heal themselves when we get a cut. everything happens inside ourselves to make up for the mistakes we made outside. and what i've come to believe is that our minds do the same thing, just with a few different materials and processes. i actually just googled how our bodies heal cuts. go ahead and [find out for yourself] if you want. it's pretty cool. notice how the materials needed to heal ourselves come rushing to the surface all the sudden. maybe my mind's stuck focusing on the few things that aren't okay in my life because those are the things i need to heal. last night i got mad at myself for focusing on these things when there are uncountable things that are better than okay. but that's like being mad at my platelets for plugging my blood vessel (awk, i know). maybe we need to recognize the problems in order to enjoy everything else. or at least to get rid of writer's block.

p.s. it's time for another playlist.

 ☮ love lost - the temper trap {october 23rd, club nokia}

 ☮ dare - gorillaz

 ☮ gold canary - cloud control

 ☮ uprising - muse {they have a concert at staples the day after my birthday...yes please?}

 ☮ heaven in a halfpipe - opm

 ☮ the rabbit - miike snow

 ☮ everytime i look for you - blink-182 {it's a classic}

 ☮ everyone is golden - portugal. the man {after seeing them live twice i figured i should 
 download their albums}

 ☮ angel - jack johnson

 ☮ dance forever - allstar weekend {i'm secretly a little embarrassed to love this...but let's be honest, it's amazing}

 ☮ captains of the sky - sky sailing {summer's back}

 ☮ lotus - cage the elephant

 ☮ little secrets - passion pit

 ☮ kreuzberg - bloc party

 ☮ for the widows in paradise, for the fatherless in ypsilanti - sufjan stevens {merci, jacob}

 ☮ think i'm in love - beck


05 July 2010

everybody wants to be a cat.

guess what i watched tonight?
only the cutest movie ever made:
does anyone else recognize little marie with her pink bows?
(i was her for halloween when i was little.)
as thomas o'malley the cat would say, i only got myself and this big old world.
after reuniting with best friends, eating some flautas, doing a little shopping, playing some scattergories & disney scene it, dancing to the rain with piggity pajizzle, setting off fireworks in 2 different locations, and finally owning a pair of white jeans...
i think i can safely say that watching the aristocats was a lovely end to a wonderful 4th.
i hope yours was even more wonderful. ☮ out my loves.

p.s. my camera's been missing for 3 weeks now.
i must find a way to document my last 2 months with this place.

03 July 2010

sea change.

oh, life.
you change weather much too often.
i can't decide whether you're storming or shining tonight.
i guess...even when the sun goes down we still have the moon shining for us.
so how could you not be shining?

i'll just try my best to 'be like a flower, and turn my face to the sun'.
maybe we're all dandelions.
planting our seeds where we can, because that's how we make our marks.
but is the point to make our marks?
a dandelion that never gets the chance to plant her seeds is just as much of a dandelion as the one who planted all of his.
maybe the point is just to bask in the sun while you can.
or follow it, just like a dandelion seed.

{side note, i love flowers. i'm determined to someday own my own flower shop.}

p.s. i'm considering proposing to [beck]. i don't care if he's already married.

01 July 2010

hey you.

p.s. don't forget, everyone & everything has the chance to be [extraordinary].