21 September 2010

i enjoy this.

20 September 2010

don't you evah.

it's about time for a new post.
sorry for the serious delay my lovely readers, but college is a busy place.
i have tried to start a blog post way too many times but i can tell this will be the one.
i wish i had some insightful ideas for you today, but it's 4:57am and i don't have the capacity for philosophy right now.
instead, i'll just give you a couple thoughts:

 1. two door cinema club. GO LOOK THEM UP. i am currently obsessed because they are nothing less than perfection. [something good can work].

2. i found a perfect wedding site for anyone who enjoys stalking other peoples' memories (aka most women, lbh): [greenweddingshoes.com]. who else is down to get married?

3. i am now in college classes, believe it or not, and i happen to be learning some things. the other day, my english professor was explaining the rhetorical situation and how you have to consider who an author's targeting as his/her main audience. i immediately thought of this blog and i realized why i have so much trouble knowing what to write in it sometimes. because i'm putting things out there that literally anyone in the world can read. my target audience is...the world? that's quite a bit of responsibility to take on.

4. i am visiting seattle next month. that is all.

yes please.

5. here are some pictures from my life here at lmu. i have a lovely roommate and some wonderful friends already:

first event = GLOW:

keepin it classy on top of the lmu sign:

AFTER SUNSET (best night):


we love dem engineers:

 i managed to lose my onecard (aka my life) for a solid 2 hours at a dance with hundreds of people and then found it. it was a small miracle and basically made my night...possibly even the entire weekend:

then came the spontaneous ucla game:

note how wonderfully spirited i was (don't worry, i only went this far on the car ride over):

so those are the highlights of my college experience so far. more to come i'm sure.
in other news...I TURN 18 ON WEDNESDAY. it's about time.
and i get to see my love paige riley on thursday.
and my loves jacob, samuel & brenty on saturday.
you know it's your birthday when even panera gives you a present.

also, thank you to my dear mother & father for putting up with my many car struggles. oopsies.

-marcus aurelius