30 June 2010

too precious.

so, i've made an executive decision.
when i have a baby girl someday, my husband's going to build her a tree house.
and i'm going to decorate it so it looks like a fairy's cottage.
cotton clouds hanging from the ceiling, twinkle lights wrapping the walls, patchwork pillows and pink & red bean bags thrown everywhere, glitter wherever it can be thrown...
but don't worry, she won't be spoiled.
by the way, her name will be summer marie (last name pending).
and i know my future husband will be ok with this because i won't marry him if he's not.
just kidding...kinda.

a beginning.

i realized i never put up a proper graduation post.
so i made this:

thank you for a lovely 2 years, lc & friends.
et je vais bientôt être libre comme un oiseau.

[trop précis]

26 June 2010

dreams that you dare to dream.

this defines just about every single thing i'm feeling here right now.

p.s. i met a kitty on the island today. i named her mocha.

i miss my kitties.

look at how cute these ones i found online are:

goodnight loves.

24 June 2010

from maui to kauai.

a new world.

i'm upset.
all my friends have left me for new lands.
aka mexico, europe & utah.
i'm starting to get a taste of what all of next year will be like...scary much?
then again, i guess i've left some people too...

...but only for this.
oh wait, it's hawaii.
hence the lei & dolphin bracelet.
plus some awkward joy.
i'm pretty much enjoying it here.
and spending my rare non-beach time downloading music.
current love?

but, even more than sia, i'm enjoying [morning teleportation]. THEY'RE TIGHT.

and sorry for being lame and posting pictures of myself, but i wanted some animation for my thoughts, and i don't have my camera...so photobooth will have to suffice.

and fyi, i graduated. it's offish.

oh, ps...


you didn't think i forgot about you, did you?
i enjoy your droopy eyes in this photo.

14 June 2010

remember when, and let your heart be staid.

i love these people way more than i could've ever imagined possible:

thank you for being my second family.


sure on this shining night of star made shadows round,
kindness must watch for me this side the ground...

i weep for wonder wandering far alone,
of shadows on the sky.

08 June 2010

let the weight of the world drift away instead.

first of all, i'm sorry for being a flaky blogger. it's been almost 2 weeks since i updated. life's been too complicated to write it down.

but a lot has been happening...


PRAMA '10,

& senior salute.

next, i thought i'd include this face. it made me laugh...a lot.

ALSO, meet doc. i call him D because he's cool and he sleeps like this:

and finally, i'm going to hawaii in 2 weeks. i'm dying of excitement...i get to return to this:

i even went online bathing suit shopping tonight.

i also thought i'd share my 2 recent insightful fortunes:

life is not a problem to be solved but rather a mystery to be lived.
(my lucky numbers are 38, 42, 47, 48, 49 & 50. and my lucky month is september. also my month of birth...coincidence? i think not.)

don't look back, always look ahead.

i finally bought j. ritter's new album.

(i could only find the live version, sorreh. the recording's much slower)

i'm also currently re-obsessed (not a word. i don't care) with the oc & greek. the oc, season 3 is my senior year in a dramatized t.v. show, and greek is getting me excited for college.

and we're signing yearbooks. i hate it. it's all too final and stressful. never change, have a great summer!  i bet you've gotten that one before.

and too the sneaky narwhal, i think grammer is very important. your rude.
(catch it)

xo to all.