24 March 2010

send out your ray of sunshine.

i really need to figure out a technique for this whole blogging thing. i just can't decide whether i want my posts to be fun or meaningful. i guess i could do both? maybe i'll just make observations, and sometimes they'll be meaningful.
anyway, i recently wrote a post about college. and it was a typical cheesy one but now i actually think i have more meaningful observations about it.
screw college.
honestly, the ucs seem to just pick random people out of a pile and send them an acceptance letter.
not that the people who got in don't deserve it because i know how hard they've worked and they totally do deserve it. it's just the people that don't get in that make me angry at the ucs. but i guess that's the whole problem...not everyone can get in.
but it just doesn't seem fair to me.
literally one grade can kick someone out of their top college.
ok i'm done with this.
instead, i'm focusing on being positive right now.
honestly, what is the point in being negative? THERE IS NO POINT.
what's the point in judging people before you know them? same answer.
there are so many meaningless things we do that do nothing but bring us down.
the real question is, why do we do it?
for entertainment?
as an attempt at happiness?
who even knows.
but i also realized that the best attitude to have right now is a non-overanalyzing one.
that was not grammatically correct at all, but it made sense to me.

i would also just like to make a formal apology to jacob&alex for not being at our reunion lunch today. i miss you both and i ate jersey mike's at home in honor of you.
and jacob, good luck with tomorrow's struggles.

everyone come to the choir concert tomorrow @ 7pm, lanterman auditorium!

i'm obsessed with red right now. after all, it is the color of strawberry fields. I am SO obsessed, in fact, that it's replacing pink as my favorite color. that's intense, because it hasn't changed since about 5th grade.

also, i'm excited for backwards happening on saturday with WODDY my love. pictures to come.

here's one of the pictures that i promised would come from 2 posts ago. the one about my 2 favorite babies leaving town.

oliver in our laps & amelie peeking from behind kate's head tehe.

the other promised picture about the miracle will come as soon as jac7k gets his pictures developed.
we need one with fern too though. maybe i'll get that one tomorrow or friday.

i love adventuring. all you have to do is find the right people to adventure with.

finally, if you ever need inspiration/encouragement/advice for anything, just listen to the beatles. they are literally perfection.

p.s. this song reminds me of summertime. ew and since when does youtube have commercials? boo.

p.p.s. this is my friend/old babysitter hillary's blog. it's really fun for girls!

20 March 2010

twenty-two things i love.

1. the oc, no surprise.
2. cds that other people make me. aka free music AND of all different genres.
3. making my mac screen negative by pressing ctrl+option+command+8.
4. the cure. i just discovered how much i love them and will start slowly acquiring their music. just like heaven, anyone?
5. blogging. i've decided to embrace the fact that i'm grounded, and put the time towards my blog. unfortunately, it's hard to blog when you have no life aka nothing to write about. but i'll see what i can do.
6. living. self explanatory.
7. getting things done. aside from the blogging, i've also decided to get some homework and organizing done...it could be...fun? maybe i'll read.
8. red nailpolish. red nailpolish defines my life and, therefore, it always needs to be on my nails.
9. the princess and the frog. that movie is perfection. i want anika noni rose's voice.
10. slideshows. pictures and music? too good.
11. bacon. actually, just food in general. aside from being essential for my survival, it brightens my life quite a bit.
12. saying nbd. in case that hasn't already been taken note of.
13. california. i never want to leave this state.
14. reorganizing. i just got inspired by marissa cooper's room...i think i want to reorganize mine.
15. dance parties. 2 coming soon. BACKWARDS AND MORMON PROM.
16. summer. as in the season, not the character. GET HERE.
17. the name trey. one of my future sons will most definitely be named trey.
18. adventuring. but safe adventuring that doesn't include the freeway after 11pm...yes, i know i sound like a mom. i'll just embrace it.
19. LONGBOARDING. as in skate, not surf. but speaking of which...
20. surfboard coffee tables. i want one!
21. daisies. someone should get me some someday...just putting that out there.
22. pizookies. i would marry them, if possible.

i still can't be deep unless it's in person...sorry. someday depth will return.
cecilia dillon

p.s. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwmjzZ8xVO0&feature=related

16 March 2010

j'adore la vie.

i feel like i should be able to write a really deep blog post right now. i know one's coming, but i just can't do it right now. i also feel like all i have done for the past 2 days is watch the oc. literally, though. i need to come back to life. but, for today, i'll just do this...

9 shallow observations for the day, with pictures to go along with each one:

1. i want to be summer roberts. teen idol anyone? hey friends, you are always welcome to call me summer. just so you know.

2. i have a new obsession with java chip frappuccino ice cream - the little ones that come with spoons, courtesy of jack gilbert. thank you for sparking that obsession.


3. hugs make me so happy. i want to become a really good hugger. i'll start practicing tomorrow.

4. i have this new life goal to get trapped in the mall overnight. with my best friends. it's nbd really. but i can promise that late night adventures with best friends are the best.

5. i still have jacob's shirt. and i don't plan on giving it back until forced. thanks jacob!

6. i'm a little bit in love with this dress. i want to own it.

7. i've experienced a miracle. how cool is that?

(this picture is coming soon)

8. my 2 favorite babies are leaving town this weekend. i love the facers. :(

(again, picture to come)

9. i got into ucsc and uc merced today! i don't actually want to go to either of those places...but hey, i got into more college. and it means i get to stay in cali. :) i love you, beach.

goodnight. xo readers.

15 March 2010


i just decided this is too beautiful of a gem to keep from the world.
i love you fern.

14 March 2010

the day we almost died.

note to everyone who reads this. it's over dramatic, but i have to be dramatic somewhere:
it started when a group of us got hungry at 1am last night. and so we decided to drive out to the pantry in la in jack h and chris' moms cars. bad idea, just so everyone knows. soo we ate (some bacon, btw). and then, we split up to go home: jamie, danielle & jack h in one car. jack g, fern (chris) & cece in another. i don't know the story of jack h's car, but you can ask him about that. for now, we will have to focus on the story of chris' mom's car that i drove because chris and jack were tired. chris in the passenger's seat and jack right behind him in the back. we tried to get to the 110 and i missed the on ramp for north and we ended up going south. so we're in the right lane, going about 65, waiting for the next off ramp. and, out of the corner of my eye, i see a back car getting reallyy close on my left. and it didn't stop. it kept driving full speed toward us until it hit the front left of the car and drove us head on into the wall on the side of the freeway. then, i closed my eyes and i just remember waiting for the crashing to stop because it didn't stop for a little while. it finally stopped and i opened my eyes, and we were upright. i remember freaking out seeing the other cars on the freeway driving toward us. i was waiting for more crashing to start again, but thank goodness they all stopped in time. i remember jack asking if we were all okay, and it wasn't until he did that that it really occurred to me that there was a good chance someone was not okay. but everyone said yes. and then there was just a lot of talking to police and waiting on the freeway. some witnesses said we got air, flipped and then rolled after we hit the wall. basically, the other car apparently had a tire blow out and the driver didn't see our car and was just trying to get over to the side of the road. however, the witnesses also saw some car drive up to the one that hit us and take alcohol out of the car and drive away before the police got there. the police said the driver had been drinking, but wasn't drunk. i could probably write like a thirty page novel about this, but i want at least one reader to get to the end, so i'll stop soon. eventually we got driven off the freeway, chris' mom picked us up, and we waited 2 hours for AAA (tight...not). injuries include a cut on chris' forehead, a bump on jack's knee, and a burn on my neck. HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN? thank you, God.
i love chris and jack like crazy. thank you two for taking care of me.

okay, i'm done with writing now. here are pictures:

(lazo's blood in the corner...ndb)

this is just because...round 2 is coming soon.

p.s. quote of the day: "you have really big ears...did anyone ever call you dumbo?" thank you, jac7k.

(courtesy of jack hale)

13 March 2010

you don't look a day over perfection.

today has been one of those days that gets me thinking about the future. there was so much talk about college and it's all just so complicated to think about. when i get overwhelmed, i have a few different outlets. i used to write a lot about my feelings and everything i'm going though, but that was back when i at least understood what i was going through. so now, instead of writing, i usually look back to my old writing. or, of course, there's always sleeping or watching a movie. i have this comfort in watching movies over and over. sometimes, i'll just turn on a certain part of a movie i've seen a hundred times right before i go to bed and watch for 5 minutes. i really don't understand it. but anyway, i went back and read this poem i wrote forever ago:

it has to come to an end.
     this journey, this intersection, this achievement. it could not continue forever.
it must have finally finished someday, but not now!
     i have grown through myself; through others...i have gained knowledge,
memories, friends and guidance...
     my slowly growing heart beats with a little more love - the love which friendship
has granted me.
     friendship, with its kindness, its hilarious drama, its admirability, its generosity
and originality.
     these qualities, and those to whom they belong, will linger in my heart

i have absolutely no idea what this was originally written about, but it totally reminded me of graduation. it's not exactly the best writing i've ever done, but the message is pretty clear. it's about moving on and how each step of the way shapes your heart a little. i don't even have any idea where i want to go to college anymore. i really wanted to go to byu. then i didn't get in. so then i didn't want to go to byu anymore. and now, all the sudden, my application is 'reevaluated' and i'm in. and i just don't know what to do anymore. everyone has this one specific school that they want to go to. but i just have no idea. i don't know how i'll figure it out, either. i just have to hope i'll end up where i'm meant to be.

let's hope.


p.s. sorry this is like an hour and a half late. i'm trying.

11 March 2010

for jacob.

p.s. apparently, a photo collage doesn't count as a blog post. so this post is simply for the sake of keeping my promise.
ta ta


-cecilia d. mccollum

a dedication.

    love you all.

10 March 2010

count your blessings.

dear world,

i’m making a goal for myself, and THAT is to update my blog every day. beautiful blogs inspire me. and i want mine to be beautiful. but let’s be honest…it’s no fun having a beautiful blog if it also only has 1 post a month. so i’ll be working on it’s beauty with my 1 post a day…hopefully.

so this counts as today’s post. lame, i know…but it’s the best i can do for tonight. and i have 2 observations for the world.

#1) ryan reynolds is perfection.
#2) i’m in love with seth cohen. nbd.

that is all.
oc anyone?

p.s. count your blessings. it helps.

03 March 2010

i'm in love...

hello seattle, i am an albatross
on the docks and your boats
i sail above your inlets and interstates
through the rain and open wind.

take me back. i really am in love.

p.s. the public school system is screwed up. save the prince.