22 March 2012

KONY 2012.

03 March 2012

tickle me pink.

hello beauty queens.
{and kings}

so, remember how last year i took a leave of absence from school?
well, this year i've decided to take a leave of absence from life.
now you may be thinking,
'cecilia, that is simply impossible'
but to you i say:
it all depends on how generally you define the word life.
 because that life i was living a month doesn't belong to me anymore.
so i guess i'm taking a permanent leave of absence, and only traces of the past will join me in moving forward.
(i'm being vague because i'm kind of enjoying having fallen off the face of the earth, so to say, and i don't know if i'm ready to come back just yet)

so with all this change in scenery, i naturally am having a change in character as well.
the other day, someone asked me why i have such a strong desire to be unique.
her words were something like 'why can't you just accept your clichés?'
it's one of those things you never really consider, like the definition of the word curiosity.
 when i couldn't come up with a cohesive answer, i realized that she had a point.
what's important to remember is that cliché doesn't equal predictable.
and predictability is what i'm avoiding, simply because i don't want to bore myself.
but the predicament, you see, is that when you're worried about being too predictable, you end up premeditating everything and overwhelming yourself and becoming all too ironically...predictable.
so it all winds back down to that living in the now concept.
easier said than done, right?

so anyway, i was getting sick of my embarrassing "hello 2012" face and decided i had to post something new and this is what showed up on the screen.

if anyone would like to contact me i have a new email! it was time for a grown up one:
(don't miss the d in there)

i hope everyone's day is filled with love and vitality always.