28 July 2011

take pleasure in the details.


city and colour
alex clare
big fun

my morning jacket

lupe fiasco

ra ra riot

red hot chili peppers

how very.

could someone please explain to me why i have such a fascination with europe?
i mean, of course, i'd be happy to travel anywhere...but there's something about europe.
i would love to go to the south of france (particularly saint-tropez) and just go shopping every day and eat crêpes with nutella. could i get any more typical?
someday i'll get there.
i've started journaling. life isn't nearly as dark as you seem to think it is if you just get it all out and smile a little. although, today i read an essay by amy cunninghan on how women use smiles as a front for their real feelings. as oscar wilde once said, "a woman's face is her work of fiction".
my new obsession with the movie heathers has made me that much more pessimistic. i have this idea of this person that i want to be and she is so much more optimistic than the real cece. my teen angst years are supposed to be over...oh well. maybe when i get to france.
but continuing on that note - who i want to be. all that be happy with who you are crap is just that - crap. we wouldn't be anywhere if we didn't want to be something else than we are! isn't that what we're heading towards? an extreme that we'll never reach? we're just modified versions of everything we've ever wanted - isn't that sad? ...the cynicism is creeping back in.
forgive me, i'll count my blessings later.
there are just times in life when you can't talk and get it out. it's like what's going on inside of you is too private even for the air to hear. why is that? where is that fear of openness coming from? i have a blog...somehow i'm contradicting.
on another note, some people just need to grow up.
where do they get off? i mean, really?
i'll spare you the details but i just thought i'd throw that out there.

not having a facebook is so nice. and i miss it much less than usual.

just a warning...more schizophrenic rants to come.

oh, and as for the new header: i thought follow the sun deserved a fresh start.

15 July 2011

"i've got no problem explaining what my lyrics are about"

oh, to be adele.
although, i have to say, i like her first album even better.

i don't even know where to start with this one. besides my mother, of course, this woman is my idol. i really don't know how to approach my admiration without sounding cheesy, but she's just so powerful. today, i was thinking about how she remade love song by the cure. the lyrics "whatever words i say, i will always love you"...don't they just sound like they would typically come from a man? there's something about her music that just doesn't have boundaries. she says the things we're scared to say. now, don't get me wrong, i'm not going all 'power to the women' over here...i'm more just getting at 'power to the adeles of the world'. singing to every song on the two albums we've been graced with in my car has become a favorite past time. tickets to her august concert though? $200...someday i'll get there. i'm still waiting on blink, too. anyway, just had to have a dedication. adele, chili peppers, and a newly discovered alex clare have taken over the summer. ta ta for now (in a british accent).

12 July 2011


i've been really into list-making lately, so i thought i'd mix a list of things i love with a playlist.
here ve go.

2. crushed ice.
3. jack johnson - [never know].
4. arnold palmers.
5. the smiths - [this charming man].
6. [red].
7. the jackson pit - [sleepyhead i want you back].

8. the cameos in date night - james franco and marky mark in one movie? jesssss.

9. red hot chili peppers - [by the way].
10. this.
8. summer activities involving siestas, craft fairs, water balloon fights & sidewalk chalk.

05 July 2011


i came to a realization...
literally, i hate them:
birthdays, christmas (although i do love christmas season, the actual holiday is just never what it's cracked up to be), new years, valentine's day (but really, who likes valentine's day?),
which brings me to the 4th of july.
seeing america in a state of permanent drunkenness for the day is just not appealing to me, call me crazy.
and what makes people think it's okay to post pictures of them with alcohol on facebook?
don't get me wrong, it's not the underage drinking i'm annoyed with, it's the stupid display of it all over facebook.
being a drunken whore is actually not cool, and putting it on facebook just furthers the embarrassment you should've felt in the first place when you fell into that bush.
anyway, sorry for being a little pessimistic over here.
holidays just make me grumpy.
so you know what?
happy july 5th...cheers to no holidays today.

but anyway, [on a lighter note].

i might be grumpy, but i'm still following the sun.
and the other day i bought a charm necklace that says:
delight in the day.
many people were questioning me on exactly what that meant, and i made it very clear that i think it's a more innocent way of enjoying your day.
you know, the little things like...
picking the dandelion on the side of the road to make a wish.
eating min's kitchen or trader joe's crispy pasadena salad.
wearing a daisy in your hair.
petting a cat.
holding hands.
dancing to your favorite song.
etc. etc. etc.
so i'll end on that note:
don't forget to not only enjoy your day, but also
delight in it.