19 November 2010

mr. moonlight.

full moon warning:
sunday night, 11-21-10.


♫ one love - glee cast {we all love you, bob, but puck + artie make such a good duet}
♫ for our elegant caste - of montreal
♫ home - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros {& 40 day dream is my other favorite}
♫ fade like a shadow - kt tunstall
♫ let it out - girl talk {best song on the album}
♫ creature fear - bon iver
♫ scarlet glasses - mark salling {marry me?}
♫ everyday i write the book - elvis costello
♫ at or with me - jack johnson {jeff facer just went surfing with mr. johnson...ndb, jeff, ndb}
♫ world news - local natives

christmas playlist to come!

oh, and this just made my day:

16 November 2010

playing for change.

it's things like this that remind me just how powerful music is.

14 November 2010

feel the shine.

i came across this little blog questionnaire online and i decided to go for it.
the answers are supposed to be one word long, but i think that is slightly impossible for most of these...i tried at the beginning before i kind of gave up:)
pass it along on your blog!!

1. where is your cell phone? desk.
2. your hair? brown.
3. your mother? role-model.
4. your father? studly.
5. your favorite food? bread.
6. your dream last night? tmth.
7. your favorite drink? fruit juice.
8. your dream/goal? self-respect//family.
9. what room are you in? dorm.
10. your hobby? discovering.
11. your fear? fear is a friend who's misunderstood.
12. where do you want to be in 6 years? happy.
13. where were you last night? knocking on a possum's door.
14. something that you aren’t? blue-eyed.
15. muffins? poppyseed.
16. wish list item? [these].
17. where did you grow up? lc.
18. last thing you did? ate a piece of pie...sorry diet.
19. what are you wearing? mom jeans.
20. your TV? glee.
21. your pets? buddy/chloe/doc/inky/adam/new pup who's name is not yet known.
22. friends? my life.
23. your life? friends (including family).
24. your mood? anxious.
25. missing someone? definition of college.
26. vehicle? summer the red jetta.
27. something you’re not wearing? red nails. :(
28. your favorite store? i can't have just one!
29. your favorite color? RED.
30. when was the last time you laughed? approximately 4 minutes ago.
31. last time you cried? watching glee on friday night...how embarrassing.
32. your best friend? best friends*.
33. one place that i go to over and over? min's kitchen.
34. one person who emails me regularly? padre.
35. favorite place to eat? again...mk.

zigazig ha.

last week, i went shopping.
now, first of all, i really shouldn't have done that, because i'm currently trying to kick the addiction: now that i'm a poor college student.
and especially since usc decided to give me a parking ticket even though i had a parking pass.
and then ignore my appeal.
but back to my story.
living ten minutes away from manhattan beach shopping is not good news goldfish, let me tell you.
so i walk into a store, and what do i see?
a very appealing pink floyd dark side of the moon shirt.
so here's the problem: i'm not actually what i would call a pink floyd fan.
i mean, i could be, but i only have one of their albums, and it's not dark side of the moon.
(i know how lame that is but i have so much classic rock to catch up on, you need to give me a break)
in other words, if i buy this shirt, i am a fake.
i considered buying it and then immediately going home and downloading the album to listen to nonstop for a couple of days, but that still seemed wrong.
and what if i didn't even like it?
then i'd have to pretend.
the point of this story is: i refuse to be one of those girls who pretends she likes something because it looks cool.
no one should be that girl.
the other point is, if you are a dark side of the moon fan, go buy that shirt and fulfill my dream.
just don't take yourself too seriously.

multicoloured mirrors.

on friday, i ran into a book at knott's berry farm.
why was i at knott's, you ask?
well, i decided to spend some quality time with the girls in my beautiful family, and tag along on their adventure.
i really do miss living with the lovely mccollum ladies.
 so anyway, on our way out, we stopped by the snoopy gift store, and i happened to come across [this book].
if you click to look inside, you'll understand what it's about.
it's simply a list of all the things that charles schulz believed make up happiness.
it was so inspiring that i decided to make up my own list.
happiness is yet another one of those words which, i believe, requires the word subjective in its definition.
so here's my definition:

happiness is...

just painted red nails.
  a purring cat in your lap.
the smell of a library book.
that yearbook message with the power to make you cry.
 discovering a new favorite song.
crossing something off your to do list.
rainbow sprinkles.
a list of your future baby's names.
christmas time.
your own bed.
role models//feeling inspired.
speaking in another language.
making a child smile.
being the receiver of the words 'you really made me feel better'.
teaching someone something new.
getting goosebumps when it's not even cold.
laughing just because someone else's laugh is contagious.
knowing you are loved.

p.s. i would like to send a shout out to mr. samuel hancock blasucci who i miss dearly.
i enjoy getting your <3 every day.

05 November 2010

spray paint the vegetables.

my current loves in life:

1. options. there are so many of them, no matter where you're looking. currently, i'm looking for job options. for right now and the future. there may be a lack of jobs these days but when it comes to majors, the same problem doesn't apply. what to do?

2. discovery. my biggest obsession in life will ALWAYS be learning. but no one seems to be too excited to learn these days, since by association, the word has come to mean school to too many. we need to realize that learning is essentially discovery. when i hear discovery i think of a physical action, and this is so much more appealing to many. want to know what i discovered last week?
the white house wasn't white until the french war when half of it was burned down and it had to be whitewashed to disguise all the ash that had become a part of it.

3.  giving. i don't just mean giving food to the poor and volunteering for your church (not that that isn't always a good thing to do, of course). but giving in a simpler and more everyday sense can mean just taking less and appreciating more.

4. glee. i'm in love with puck. and finn. and sam. and dianna agron is simply beautiful. and the show is so fun. and it's a show about choir. and i can sing along to it. need i say more?

5. [apostle of hustle]. i've always loved their song eazy speaks but i only recently discovered how good their national anthem of nowhere album is.

6. christmas. i'm currently wearing my $8 wal mart christmas nightgown (take note that i do not generally support shopping there, because of its [environmental issues], but i couldn't pass up this red nightgown. my apologies, mother earth), and the roomie christmas card will be coming soon. prepare yourselves.

7. [operation beautiful]. i've actually seen some of these little post its around school, and they really do make me smile.

8. ralph's brand mild salsa. enough said.

9. paige riley. thank you for being here for me, love. you must know i'm always here for JOU too!

10. tea. the perfect way to start or end your day. maybe some caffeinated green tea for the morning and some calm lavender for the night? sleepytime tea always upset my stomach.

there are many, many more but these 10 will have to suffice for today. i'm thinking of making these lists a weekly thing.
ta ta for now.

04 November 2010

dear mister warhol.

you and your insight are simply fabulous.
although i wish you were still here, at least your perceptive one-liners are.
who else could provide his definition of art in just eight words?
(other than jim padilla)
i remember learning about your campbell's soup painting in elementary school.
...i'll be waiting for my signed can.

would you ever dance with me like that?

iokay so i recently promised 2 things: more halloween pictures & an explanation as to why november 2nd, 2010 was a big day (i think you can guess half of it).

i don't think it's necessary to overload with halloween pictures but here are some clear costume shots:
root beer, pink lemonade, sprite, coke, diet coke & dp (complete thanks to rachel for making the lovely costumes<3):

dodgers fan, hippie, dalmatian & pirate (thanks to evanne for the jersey/sorry my feet look so massive):

i didn't end up dressing up for actual halloween although i was scheduled to be a sailor. maybe i'll still  get to wear the hat someday?

next up: 11-02-10.

first of all...

...although this isn't the hawtest picture of me there ever was, the point is that I VOTED.
now, i'll own up to the fact that i didn't exactly "fill out" the ballot...but i wasn't as informed as i'd hoped i would be, and i did not want to make uninformed decisions.
however, i did make some difference and that's what matters to me.

in addition to finally feeling like a true u.s. citizen, i got to see two door cinema club live!

mm our new love (meaning me and paige):

(he even has an irish accent)

the group:

it made for a lovely day.

p.s. i was feeling quite poladroidy today...sorry if i overdid it.

p.p.s. i know i'm long overdue for a blog post that actually contains more text than pictures. it's coming, i promise. i have so many underdeveloped ideas it's hard to focus on just one or two. i'll be trying!

03 November 2010

it's time to make it official...

p.s. today was a big day. i'll have to explain why tomorrow.

01 November 2010

a taste of halloween.

more to come.
p.s. i switched back to my old header...
what can i say?
i missed the cat.