28 March 2011

white blank page.

sometimes, the out of focus pictures are the best.
girl talk: 3-21-11

yesterday, i was having the worst day.
by about 6:30 in the evening i was ready to collapse and go to bed because the saturday karma felt so wrong. so as i drove to a friend's house, i started listing, in my mind, all the things that had gone wrong so i could explain why i was so grumpy when i got there.
but in an effort to be a somewhat positive cece, i forced myself to come up with a few 'buts', if you know what i mean.
in other words, "____ and ____ and ____ went wrong, but at least ____."
{a prime example of when ifs, ands, and buts can be okay}
so as i'm driving along chevy chase, i start with one 'but'...and end up with 10.
then 20.
one thing leads to another, and i end up counting my blessings.

 and do you know what?

i arrived at that house smiling.

in conclusion, count yo blessings because, really, what do you have to lose?

also, i am in amore with [bon iver]'s lack of typical structure.
no chorus?
i'm cool with that.
(i'm trying new methods of saying 'in love' because i realized it's become a recurring theme over here. i guess i'm just easily won over. good or bad thing? you decide.)

4 days, 38 minutes, and 30 seconds until peru.
~too bad i know about 6 words of spanish~
at least i know

24 March 2011

hey little bird.

1. alright, so, the other day i was on facebook and what seemed like every single status was about that certain song about a certain day of the week that makes me want to slap someone across the face. (no joke, literally as i was typing this, my sister turned on the song in the next room. me tuer, s'il te plaît) anyway, somehow i ended up making the transition from facebook to youtube to watch the recent japan footage. and i hate to sound so typical, but please social networking, what have you done to the world? the fact that pop culture has narrowed in on a trending youtube video for it's lack of value more than opportunities like [this] makes me want to...well, barf.

2. i got to laugh so hard last night that, at one point, i was genuinely scared i might pee my pants (go ahead and judge, but i think it's a waste of your time). and it was largely in thanks to the great rasheed JUSTIN akbarut. just thought i'd send a shout out to my fellow camus-worshiper.

3. i am absolutely enraptured by [mumford and sons]. if you haven't had the chance to listen to their album yet, i'd suggest starting with that link. that song stole my heart. (could i get any more cheesy? forgive me)

4. i'm departing for peru in almost exactly a week! goodbye la cañada, hello foreign land.

5. i'm in love with seahorses. and lucky boy bacon breakfast burritos with thousand island dressing. and floret perfume.

6. and for the sixth point, [i have no words].

why not throw in a quote too?

“i wonder if i’ve been changed in the night? let me think. was i the same when i got up this morning? i almost think i can remember feeling a little different. but if i'm not the same, the next question is ‘who in the world am i?’ ah, that’s the great puzzle! if i had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. and contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. and what it wouldn’t be, it would. you see?”
lewis carroll

p.s. i have a crush on mark wahlberg.

17 March 2011

thursday morning playlist.

ra ra riot

[big yellow taxi] 
joni mitchell

[say yes] 
wax tailor feat. asm
[generator ^ 1st floor] 
freelance whales
luke top

the phoenix foundation

john mayer
blitzen trapper

enjoy the party.

i got approval from a vip family member of this cute kid to publicize this video:

but seriously, this dance party was like a dream come true.
and i only captured a fourth of it.
i'm in love, i'm in love, and i DON'T care who knows it.

15 March 2011


you know what would be splendid?

a perfect wooden swing on a perfect grassy hillside that i could swing on, facing the perfect view.
no life could be lackluster with a thinking spot like that.
that's not to imply that my life is lackluster.
you know what it is about life that makes it hard to live in the now?
it's that its parts are all too momentary, and we let our moments become separated by emotions.
and while these emotions can be lost, the moment you experienced them never can. i grapple with this only because i cannot constantly live in the present.
next time i play 'never have i ever', i'll have to present:
never have i ever lost a moment.
and no one will have to put his/her finger down. because all of our moments are eternally part of the universe.

and you know what the best part is?
this fact, in itself, strings together the moments with something constant.
 so next time you're hesitating to take a leap, just remember that even if it's just for a moment, your possible victory will forever be a part of history.

...at least i find that comforting.

i'll end this sporadic collection of thoughts with this one:
when the least events are occurring, the most is happening inside you.

in other news, don't these tots look like they were caught in the act of singing 'home' by edward sharpe and the magnetic zeroes to each other?

 barefoot on a summer night, anyone?

once i am out of college and have my own apartment...i will own 2 cats. i haven't decided on the colors yet, but they will be baby brother and sister kittens. the boy will be named tucker and the girl will be lily (so i can call her lily pad).
that is all.