14 September 2011

marky mark and the funky bunch.

i'm currently watching the movie fear...
a thriller.
with young mark wahlberg.
set in seattle.
and it's on instant netflix.
...this movie is made for me.
oh, and marky's character is going to uw.

just had to throw that out there.

and quotable moment:
(context - reese witherspoon runs away from a party being broken up by police with mark wahlberg, leaving her friend in the middle of it all...)
cece: i wouldn't leave you, marina.
marina: thanks, i wouldn't leave you either
...unless i saw that you were with mark wahlberg in which case i'd know you were okay.
too much fun.

12 September 2011

toots (as in the term of endearment).

it's time for a new blog tradish:
themed collages.
in short, photo collages with a category.
because it's fun.
why else do i blog about anything?

just to be clear, this theme was hot men. (dad, i'm sure you're loving this) i know i'm a child, but i'm okay with it. plus, the process of picking the pictures with marina was pretty enjoyable.
happy monday!

how to be a low-key gangster.

first of all, i'm going to pull a lemony snicket and put a disclaimer at the start of my novel:
don't expect to get anything out of this post. i have nothing substantial to say and am only writing for the sake of cleaning myself out. i'm turning over a new leaf tomorrow. that is all.

just to be clear, the title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with the content of it. except that greggy lee googled that phrase on my computer the other day and i found it quite enjoyable. so i'll give credit where credit is due and thank mr. lee for the post title.
now i must apologize for disappearing from the blogging world for a while.
(mostly to caroline, really)
i get writer's block for months on end sometimes. and it's horrible because i feel all pent up but i don't know what it is that's being pent up.
i wish i could post pictures of my dorm or my friends or something like that, but ever since tahoe swallowed my camera battery, i am digital camera-less.
so i've had to revert back to my childhood and use disposable cameras.
but, let's be honest, i have no idea what i'm doing with those things, so i'll probably end up with 50 pictures of over/underexposed figures and regret spending the fortune it takes to develop real pictures nowadays.
any suggestions on a good point and shoot?
so back to my point, which i don't have...

yesterday i saw the most mind blowing sunset of my entire life. i will try to describe it but there's no way i can capture it. it went from blue up above to purple to pink to orange and then the landscape of the city in black. i was up in the mountains off of some street in arcadia (i'm directionally challenged) and there were power lines almost framing downtown la, with the yellow circle of a sun right over the tops of the building. now, i've never really been one for sunsets. but i was just taken aback by this one. i don't even know what to call it! beautiful? glowing? peaceful? romantic? none of the above? 
who knows. i don't even have anything to say about it except that i'm glad i ran into it.

i have this idea of life-via-listing. what if, from now on, i made a list every night before i went to bed and lived my life only according to that list? take note, i would only write down what i wanted to do, not how i'd do it. so i guess it leaves a lot of room for interpretation.
i think i'll try it.
you know what else i want to try? painting rocks.
yes, painting rocks.

does anyone else feel judged when they go to amoeba? like sorry i'm buying a beck cd and not something off an urban outfitters playlist...
i guess hipsters are just intimidating.
but anyway, i think i'll stop my mini purge of sentences.
i'll end with someone else's words, because then i don't have to take credit for any controversy they present.
"i became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity"
-edgar allan poe

06 September 2011

pensive tuesday.

"affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives."
-c.s. lewis

 i can't decide whether i agree with this or not.
or i did until about 2 days ago when i was walking back from the gym after watching fantastic mr. fox during my workout.
(yes, i went to the gym 3 days in a row; and yes, fantastic mr. fox was on while i was ellypticalling)
i'm heading back towards my dormitory and all the sudden a seagull lands in front of me.
now, i don't know if anyone else would've gotten the same moment of solid and durable happiness that i did, but realizing that i'm living close enough to the ocean that i can be walking back from the gym and run into a friendly seagull somehow proved mr. lewis wrong to me.
there's something about the sea that can't not bring a smile to my face. i don't even like swimming that much anymore, but you can't be on the beach and not feel just a little more glee swimming inside you.

but onto the opposing argument.
yesterday, i received many emails from the facer family updating me on jeff facer's uganda adventures. now, i can't give you direct quotes or anything, because there is a very official disclaimer at the end of the emails telling me i can't reveal the information to anyone else, but i can paraphrase how it made me feel.
jeffrey facer: i love you.
the amount of happiness that his words brought me literally made me cry.
it kind of trumped the friendly seagull.
which brings me to my next point.

it's all about perspective.
that's my cliché of the week.
maybe the "happiness" fantastic mr. fox brought me didn't count because it wasn't as strong as the kind affection brought.
what is real happiness?
do you need the complexity of relationships to provide you true joy in life?
or maybe what lewis didn't realize is that the happiness that this affection ends up taking away balances out with the huge amount it initially gives.
since love is the ultimate contradiction.
that must be why i find so much joy in the simple pleasures in life:
accidentally ending up at the santa monica pier, but responding with windows down and sheryl crow blasting.
being reminded of my love for the o.c. while buying my $5 rooney concert ticket.
living with people i love, with more people i love down the hall...all 10 minutes from the beach.
being told that i look like winona ryder in heathers. hello flattery.
making eye contact with cute boys at the book store.
finding a $4 sunshine colored bow hair comb at urban.
but most importantly, celebrating miss kate's twentieth birthday from a couple states away.
love you katiedid91.

and i'm sure joshy would love you too.

happy tuesday everyone, make it a pensive one.

p.s. shout out to caroline for actually keeping up with follow the sun. love you carrot.