28 December 2010


and to jacob: i refuse to get any sass for posting nothing but a picture with a disclaimer.

13 December 2010

i climbed the tree to see the world.

little things i love.

1. nordstrom.com
2. buddy the elf (what's your favorite color?)
3. buttons
4. spin art
5. my rock collection (that's right. just rediscovered it.)
6. solitaire
7. christmas
8. the fact that the name of one of the glee clubs in glee is 'oral intensity'
9. kittenz
10. salted pecans
11. my fish on the bottom left of this blog. by the way, their names are paul, john, ringo, george, stuart & jeffrey. yes, they are all boys and yes, they are all british. except jeffrey i guess...rachel named that one.


12 December 2010

holy shenogans.

guess whose birthday it is?

happiest of birthdays to the best roommate/mother ever, miss rachel usedom!

bubble toes.

well, i clearly have a lack of much to say lately. although i love christmas time more than normal this year, all the pictures have kind of been a cover up for a lack of ideas circulating through my mind. but in the past couple of days, it's like everything i'd been missing for the past month showed up at once and bombarded my mind. and now, i can't stop thinking to save my life. i started reading 'how to be lovely' last night (based on audrey hepburn, by melissa hellstern). i've honestly never cared too much for audrey - i couldn't even get through breakfast at tiffany's and that's about as far into her work as i've gone. but my grandma LOVED ms. hepburn. after she died and we were cleaning out her house, i literally found dozens of audrey hepburn books in her bookshelves. and they were so glamorous looking that i just had to take two. i mean, why not? and so i've finally decided to start my audrey education with 'how to be lovely'. and i must say, she did seem pretty lovely. there are countless quotes in that book talking about just how genuine of a person she was. she was respected by almost everyone she knew, and she stayed fabulous the whole time. i then realized how we all have this perpetual need to be better than we are...to be "lovely". have we ever considered the fact that we're lovely the way we are? and that our differences are what inspire each other to keep being lovely? i don't think that we're ever going to be satisfied with ourselves if we continue to try to be as lovely as audrey hepburn or as fabulous as marilyn monroe (speaking of which, i don't really understand her appeal, but i haven't read any books about her either). because guess what?

none of us are audrey or marilyn.

i think that maybe just maybe it's time to quit it with the self help books and work on becoming humble. it's hard to take a step away from yourself when you're too busy being overwhelmed with everything you're not. take note: the definition of humble is not only modest, but also respectful. and that means respectful to ourselves in loving what we are and being thankful for what we have. true appreciation is an aspect of humbleness that people forget, and a certain austin facer & jacob walters reminded me of it.

so, whatever you're doing today, whether it be studying for finals or just following the sun, don't forget to do it humbly.

10 December 2010

santa claus lane.

time for all the festivities!
the scene is being set for the best christmas ever, i can just tell.
so, in addition to my currently silver&gold nails, my santa silly band, and the christmas cd i made for my car, here's what's been going down christmas-wise:
(sorry basically every post is about christmas...it's a serious obsession this year)

the dorm is as decorated as it could be:

we even have our very own c. brown xmas tree (thanks mom):

i tried my best with the paper snowflakes:

and then i had to make the trip home to help decorate the tree:

reading christmas cards with cute little bebes on them:

my favorite jophes ornament (yes, jophes)

 the finished product:

no one was quite as into taking pictures as i was so i ended up recruiting doc for a photoshoot...he wasn't as happy as i'd hoped he'd be. and thank you rachel for my lovely headband:

in conclusion, i love christmas. enough said.

p.s. i just love my mother. she's the very best.

07 December 2010

get lost.

if i were a month, i'd be november.
 if i were a day of the week, i'd be friday.
 if i were a time of day, i'd be nighttime.

if i were a sea animal, i'd be a seahorse.
if i were a direction, i'd be west.
if i were a gemstone, i'd be a sapphire.

if i were a tree, i'd be cherry blossom.
if i were a tool, i'd be the facers' cheese cutter.
if i were a flower, i'd be a daisy.

if i were a kind of weather, i'd be nippy.
if i were a musical instrument, i'd be a voice.
if i were a color, i'd be red.

if i were a fruit, i'd be a pineapple.
if i were an element, i'd be wind.
if i were a food, i'd be apple crumb pie.

if i were a place, i'd be seattle.
if i were a material, i'd be breezy cotton.
if i were a scent, i'd be my christmas perfume (for now).

if i were an object, i'd be a jewelry box.
if i were a song, i'd be monster ballads.
 if i were a bird, i'd be the offspring of a toucan & a hummingbird. 

05 December 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas.

 this weekend:

christmas photoshoot

 (take note of marina's beautiful hat)

(my red& gold christmas nails)

03 December 2010

pennies from heaven.

my very own christmas wishlist (everyone's doing it):

2. [the drunkard's walk]: how randomness rules our lives, by leonard mlodinow

 4. some perfect little [crate and barrel ornaments]

5. [an adorable dove dress] from modcloth

 7. [a puzzle] for christmas day

10. if only this [diane von furtsenberg dress] wasn't $200

12. this kitten

 (p.s. take note that this isn't my actual christmas list because my actual one doesn't include a $150 puzzle and a kitten, etc...although i'm always down for a kitten or two)

02 December 2010

thoughts of the day.

1. recently means nothing without context.

2. there's something so intriguing about jewelry boxes. i think they might just be my favorites.

 don't you just wanna investigate in there?

3. i have a new obsession with going on etsy.com and searching for whatever i'm dreaming of. christmas presents...

4. into the wild is one of the most amazing movies i have ever seen. it blew me away.

5. does living life mean living the life you want? or is it only a matter of breathing and heart rate?

6. quote of the week-
jayma mays on how she feels before she's filmed:
"i get very nervous. i eat lots of toast before."

7. i have now come just about as close as one can to being attacked by a possum without physical contact.

8. first comes self-control, then trust, and finally, self-respect.

9. tomorrow may rain.

01 December 2010

avalanche cascades.

i occasionally make the mistake of losing track of my love for josh ritter.
i just put on so runs the world away and instantly melted.
i don't think there's any other music that has the ability to make me feel sad and unbelievably happy at the same time.
i guess you could call it thoughtful.
oh, j. rit.
i am WAY too excited to see you live in february.
the countdown starts today...at eighty-nine days.
you could call me over-prepared but i prefer eager.

p.s. the only downside is that josh's music makes me miss jeffrey and kaaaate all the more.
miss you loves.

hello, december.

it's officially christmas time.
the trader joe's chocolate advent calender countdown has begun.
the lmu christmas tree is lit.
glee's christmas episode is next week.
 all the good old christmas tunes are ringing in the season.
old town is filled with snowflakes.
pea coats & candy canes are everywhere.
and, most importantly, elf is on t.v.
i might not have snow, but i most certainly have spirit.

the best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!