21 May 2011


a little background: i'm sitting in a circle trying to teach some kiddies from the sacred valley in peru (with my minimal spanish skills) their numbers in english.
but because it's hard to get babies to focus, this is what went down...

babies:                                                                                                            "¿dónde vives?"
translation: where do you live?

cecilia:                                                                                                           "los angeles."
 literal translation: the angels.   

babies (to each other):                                                          "ahh, es por eso que ella es tan blanca!"
translation: ohh, that's why she's so white!

 maybe being pasty is a good thing...apparently i look like an angel.

19 May 2011

bless your soul.

plain white t's

gorillaz feat. gruff rhys & de la soul

arcade fire
fleet foxes
death cab for cutie
tokyo police club
miike snow
hilltop hoods
the strokes

the dashing suns

16 May 2011

this one time, in peru...

i have a bad case of the 'i-miss-peru's today, so i finally decided to tackle blogging about it.
here we go...

...that was a workout for my fingers.
i was going to caption them but, not to sound cliché or anything, i think the pictures speak for themselves.

my biggest observations in peru?
1. human selfishness stems from the fact that we are the only constants in our lives.
2. we have to have souls - where else could emotional pain come from?
 3. it's funny how things work out.
4. the biggest loss we face with a language barrier is the inability to communicate one thing by saying something completely different, for example...
"you can't cover the sun with one finger"

you figure it out.

08 May 2011

you girls.

just sending a shout out to my lovelies at lmu.

miss these girls TOO MUCH.

can't wait for next year, except for missing rachel. :(


06 May 2011

porque es el cinco de mayo.

ask the sun and the moon.

writing a blog post after an entire month is QUITE daunting, if i may say so.
i'm sitting in a mess of a room, still in my clothes from last night, coughing up a storm, with everything just feeling quite out of place.
so you know what i'm doing first?
well, blogging about it, OF COURSE.
yesterday i finally started to feel overwhelmed and so i put 'this love of mine' on...
and i now have a new obsession - calming myself down with 40s music.
moral of the post: listen to sinatra when you're upset, in addition to counting your blessings.

a warm shower can't hurt either.

mas to come on peru!

p.s. creds to JOAO VALERIO CAMPOS TEIXEIRA for the song.