24 November 2011

some kind of wonderful.

glamping \GLAM-pyng\ , noun;

1. glamorous camping.

well, my little turkeys, who else is glamorously camping this thankful holiday? apparently, this is the newest in trailer park lingo. and i do, so happen, to be in a trailer park. in sequoia, CA to be exact. as we all know, it's thanksgiving and we're supposed to be thankful. if you remember my 4th of july post, i hate holidays...but not this one. i mean, how can anyone not be thankful when they're glamping? seriously, thanksgiving is a glorious holiday. i get to bundle up in the cold weather i love, read scary stories by the campfire in weird accents, eat pecan and apple pie, and watch christmas movies (don't you just love the unique mccollum traditions). i just wanted to officially recognize this new favorite holiday of mine and also acknowledge that i am thankful i'm here for it, considering i almost got pillaged the other night.
story time:
on tuesday night, maddy ali & i went on a 10pm ice cream run and i left my phone in my mother's car.
well, i didn't realize this until 4am when i was going to bed (don't ask).
so in a fearless act, i headed out to the car in the dark to get it...
but my phone wasn't there.
and not only was it not there, but the car was ransacked.
at least the inside was.
the glove compartment was emptied out onto the seats, etc.
so i went back into the house thinking it was a messy act of one of the sissies in an attempt to find something.
when i woke up, though, i found out that it turns out the culprit was not a part of my family -
(s)he was la caƱada's own bandit, and (s)he stole my phone.
but the key issue in this story is not the fact that my phone was stolen, but rather that i could've been out in the dark, at night, alone, moments after a random man/woman was rifling through the same car as me.
keeping in mind my addiction to scary movies, can you imagine how i assume the worst?
i am very lucky i'm not chopped into bits in a box floating down the la river right now.

but i'm also thankful for a few other things, those being:
the openness of my parents. i could be a serial killer and i know they'd still love me.
the weirdness of my sisters. i don't think there's anyone i'm less worried about judging me.
my pups for putting up with us dressing them in build-a-bear clothes.
sequoia for providing us with such perfect in-between weather.
and for whoever invented apple crumb pie.

so i guess i am thankful.

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kate.van.am said...

oh no! ok now i know why you haven't texted me back :) i suppose this is my only form of communication with you right now since you have no fb so:

i am thankful for YOU. the end.

oh and i love you.
ok, now the end.

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