17 November 2011

uh, cause it's worth it.

why today was a wonderful wednesday:

1. marcel the shell (with shoes on) has returned in a just as entertaining and endearing [sequal]. and, i got curious about the voice of marcel, just because it cracks me up so much, and came across some more of jenny slate's videos. [this one] had me literally laughing out loud with her answer. just thought i'd share.

2. i haven't charged my ipod in maybe about 2 weeks now. let me just tell you, that's a long time in my world. so i've gotten kind of sick of listening to my randomly assorted cds over and over and have finally accepted the radio. now, one of the only songs i actually enjoy on the radio right now is moves like jagger (along with the jazz station, but that's another story). seriously, i don't mean to be all anti-conformist over here, but if i have to hear another rihanna song i might just go crazy and go on a killing rampage. totally kidding. but back to the point, i have this new ritual of checking every radio station for moves like jagger when i turn on my car. no, i am not kidding. that is what rihanna's doing to me: desperation. so today, when i turned on my car, you know what the 2nd radio station i checked was playing? yep, you got it, moves like jagger. my heart skipped a beat. and it was even still on the whistles at the beginning. what else do i even need for a wonderful wednesday?

3. news flash: i got a job.
oh yes, it's true. i am the newest hostess at hill street café and i can't complain. everyone is nice and understanding of my newness to the job world. walking into work on wednesday felt like a milestone. well, as it so happens, hill street has some very loyal customers. and a lot of them happen to be over 60. i kind of love old people, so i'm okay with it. they really seem to understand the concept of taking pleasure in the details. so today an old man came in for a pick up order. i love pick ups because i get to run the credit cards and that's probably my favorite part of being a hostess, no shame here. this man was one of those that you just can't help but feel inspired by. he smiled at me and told me about how he and his wife were hill street regulars like all the rest, but she is very ill right now. so about once a week he comes in and gets take out for the both of them to bring back to her so they can eat dinner together, and so she can still have her hill street meal. my oh my, was i taken aback. i sound oh so cheesy, but that old man reminded me that maybe true love does exist. maybe there is a love affair that can last forever (mr. warhol). and someone else was telling him how sorry they were for his struggles, and he said something like "all you can do is everything you can". it's not exactly philosophically stunning, i know, but the way he said it with a smile struck a chord in me. i guess all you can do is everything you can.

4. so onto the post work festivities: e-mile. living the high life. my big purchase was strawberry pop tarts and a scratcher. this is only my second scratcher ever, mind you, and guess what...i won $4. yes, ladies and gentlemen, i am three dollars richer than i was when i walked into e-mile this evening.

5. i somehow ended up at the americana to see the movie immortal with geoff and juma. although i really enjoyed walking along next to the fountain, listening to sinatra and sipping my green tea with honey in a christmas cup, that is not the focus of this point. what we are focusing on is the amount of hot man arms in that movie. i'll be honest, war movies are not exactly my cup o' tea, but i learned something very important: hot arms aren't just for admiring - they're used for holding up the hot arms of other men to prevent them from stabbing you in the upper body and/or face. i can't tell you how many times i saw a scene like that tonight.

6. and finally, my last point is a foxy one. what really brought me joy during that movie was how every time athena came on screen, geoffrey james bywater the third felt compelled to say (at full volume) three words: what. a. fox. athena is now permanently burned into my mind as a fox.

sorry if i went into ramble mode, i guess i ramble when i'm happy after a
wonderful wednesday.

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