20 December 2011

for your daily dose of laughter:

i have a project for anyone out there who has 2 minutes and likes to smile.

materials needed:
1) at least 1 silly band (s.b. for short)
2) pen
3) paper
4) glue (optional)

for this very complicated craft, you take your s.b. (whatever it may be) and glue it onto your piece of paper (if you're having a glue shortage, just place it on the paper).
next, you take your pen, and incorporate the s.b. into a scene.
whether it be a santa s.b. and you draw a chimney and reindeer around him, or just a bathing suit s.b. which you draw a body around (see fig. 22), is up to you.
FULL credit to ali mccollum for this little project. 

figure 22:

i hope you giggled a little. i know i did.

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