20 December 2011


1. my gingerbread house.
2. mother-daughter love.
3. energy vs. sleep.
4. kate's gingerbread house in the making.
5. dance party.
6. jeff's gingerbread house.
7. maddy refusing to be serious during christmas card pictures.
8. paint by number, fantastic mr. fox, facer xmas card, candy & a best friend.
9. sammy's gingerbread house (complete with a graham cracker freeway and sour patch cars).
10. the christmas card.
11. jacob's "gingerbread" house.
12. christmas tree shopping.
13. alex's fallen temple gingerbread house.
14. a flocked tree.
15. the "coke room" (aka crushed candy canes) in sam's house.
16. maddy looking pretty.

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